Photography Education

When you attend a photography workshop, class, seminar, or anything that encourages the development of skills, do you practice what you've learned? Or does it go off into some abysmal recess in hopes that you will recall it when you need it?

In order to become a master or black belt in any martial art, the student must perform each task, function, move thousands of times in order to obtain mastery. We have all heard the term "muscle memory" so how does this happen? The answer is simple repetition until the response is automatic. In other words "practice makes perfect".

If you are not applying the lessons learned, why not?

You decided it was not your thing? Okay, I get that. It's better to find out before you spend a ton of money on equipment and more education.

It was beneficial and it's something you can apply or could apply, but you don't? Why? You invested time. The most precious commodity we all have is time because once spent it is gone forever. Second, you spent the money on the class. That didn't come easy, well for some maybe it did, but for most of us, it was a further investment of time and effort to come up with it to spend on education. One would think that should be reason enough to apply the lesson. But for some reason so many don't.

So, here is a challenge for you. If you invest your time and money in some form of education do the homework and apply it.

All of that leads me to this.

Over the weekend I attended a class on macro photography. It was taught by Skeeter Arnold of the Oklahoma City Metro Professional Photographers Association hosted by Studio V

It was an excellent class and the cover photo for this post was shot during the practical portion of the class. Skeeter challenged everyone to apply the lessons and do their homework, as I did above. The following are some images I created today with a photo of the subject at the end. There is a whole new world out there I will be exploring and capturing images of.