Yes you can have an external flash

Last year I bought the Canon EOS Rebel T7. Since then I have been on an adventure to get it to work with external flash. The problem is the earlier T7s had no center pin on the hot shoe for an external flash. I have heard the newer ones on the shelf at the time of this post have the pin. So now what?

GODOX to the rescue! You can get external flash to work with a third party transmitter and receiver. There may be other options but I have found this set up to work. You will need to purchase the following items from your favorite camera store:

The GODOX X1C TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

You will need both the transmitter and receiver if you wish to have off camera flash.

If you have a GODOX speedlite then you will need the following.

Xpro-C TTL Wireless Flash Trigger

Check the firmware version of the system you chose. You can download the latest installer and firmware here:

Last and most important be sure to read the manuals on your new triggers and refresh your memory with the external flash portion of the T7 manual.

I hope you find this use full.

Shoot me a quick email and let me know if you liked this or have any comments. Thank you!